Finding the Time. 

One of my biggest excuses had always been that I didn't have time to work out. I was WAY too busy.  I mean, really... I am a mother to two young girls, I work full time days, my husband works full time nights. We see each other for about 15 minutes total per day Monday... Continue Reading →


It all started with a mouse…

It all started with a mouse... and some pixie dust. Growing up, I was VERY fortunate to take many vacations to Walt Disney World. I love everything about Disney - and I never stopped believing in the magic. However, as I got older and got married, had two beautiful daughters (... and a mortgage and... Continue Reading →

Welcome To My Page!

Welcome to my page!! My name is Meghann, and I am so happy you found me! I am a wife and a mother in my early thirties. Three years ago, I weighed in over 270 pounds. I honestly have no idea how I had gotten that heavy, but I knew it had to change. I am now over 135 pounds lighter, and just finished my first half marathon - which I had considered to be my end goal. But then came the question "what next?"

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