Workout Wear Wednesday : Let’s Talk Sneakers!

My sneakers are the most important piece of running equipment I own. For real, this could be the single best piece of running advice that I give out: Get fitted for proper running shoes.

I am extremely lucky to live in a town that has an awesome running store called The Run Inn, located in Emmaus, PA.

At The Run Inn, they measure my feet, and watch me walk and run both on the treadmill and outside to assist in finding the best shoe for me. Everyone who works there is a runner, and they have great stories to tell. Super friendly and very supportive bunch of people. I love talking to other runners about runs they have completed, goals they may have, and also the newest running equipment. If you are in the area, I highly recommend going and getting fitted for a good set of shoes.

A few years ago, I had been working out a bit at home using the Wii Fit. Because I was only exercising in my living room, I only wore socks, or just put on whatever random cheap sneakers I had at home. By doing this, I got Plantar Fasciitis – a condition so painful, I could barely walk.

I went to The Run Inn, literally in tears because of the pain, and they were SO SO SO helpful. I walked out of there in sneakers that supported me enough to make walking tolerable (truly a feat with the amount of pain I was in), inserts for my work shoes, and a stretch band that I would sleep in to help overnight. Within days I was feeling better, and in months, had no symptoms at all.

Over the years, as I have lost so much weight and drastically increased my exercise, my sneakers have changed as well. While they have always suggested Brooks, the style that I wear has changed.

Now that I have gotten to what I consider my ideal weight and fitness level, I am wearing the Brooks Adrenaline GT 16. They fit my feat like they were designed with only me in mind! I need a supportive arch, and like my feet to feel “hugged” by the sneaker. They also come in three cute colors:

If you don’t have access to a store like The Run Inn, The Running Advisor online has a great site to assist: How to Choose Running Shoes 

It all comes down to feel, and it may take a few different pairs of sneakers until you find “the one” – but don’t stop until it is! Running in the wrong shoes can cause injuries and set backs. The right shoes are worth every penny.

I replace my sneakers approximately every 6 months, which is recommended by most running guidelines. I also utilize the MapMyRun app for my runs. In this app, I can add in the exact sneakers I am wearing and it tracks the miles I put on them, and notifies me when I should replace. It works really well for me, as I always run outside. For those who run on a treadmill, it may be easier to stick to the 6 month rule.

Do you have a favorite brand or style? If so, please share which ones and why they work best for you!

Bonus Photo of my sneakers for the Disney Princess Half Marathon – Brooks Adrenaline GTS 16 inn Purple and Green, with added Tinkerbell Pom Poms! 🙂


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