*Setting Goals*

What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.  – Zig Ziglar

One of the most important things I have done for myself is to set goals. The first big goal set was the Disney Princess Half Marathon. This was set 2 years in advance – which made it an achievable goal. I was able to strategically pace myself, and be successful.

Along the way, I set very small goals. For example – increasing my runs by 10% each time I ran, working out three days in a row, never missing a Monday. I also made dietary goals – logging into MyFitnessPal and recording calories 30 days straight, or making sure I did a meal plan every Sunday. Pretty soon, these goals became part of my routine.

Now that I have achieved all the big goals previously set, I have to come up with new goals.

My dietary/weight related goals for this year are simply to maintain my size. I don’t need to lose any more weight at this point. I am happy with the size clothes I wear. Maintaining can be a challenge, but it’s a challenge I am ready for.

For running, my goals are to run one more half marathon, and a total of ten 5k races. This would equal out to one competitive run per month.

However, running races can be expensive. So how am I going to do this without breaking the bank, while still holding myself accountable?

I found this awesome site for virtual runs!

Gone For A Run – Virtual Races

I signed myself up for the Chicks on a Run Easter 4 miler, and and both my husband and myself for the St. Patrick’s Day Run With Me Lucky Charm 5k! We get a race bib and even a medal (because, really, it’s all about the bling 😉 ) and have to run these during a certain time frame. What a neat way to stay motivated, and have a goal. AND, part of the (very inexpensive) entrance fee gets donated to a charity!

There are many websites that offer virtual runs, and many different charities. Disney even does a virtual run series that we will also be signing up for when that becomes available in the spring! My husband is pretty excited, as this year the medals for the Disney Virtual Running Shorts medals are going to be Pluto themed this year 🙂

The other running goal I have set is to continue to run with my family. My husband, daughters, and I will be running a Unicorn themed color run in Hershey, Pa. Both my parents have also started to train for a 5k – hoping to do a 4th of July 5k with my mom, and my dad wants to do a Disney Star Wars 5k!

My husband has also promised to run his first half marathon with me this year. I think this is awesome! There are a few different options out there, and we haven’t finalized which one it will be yet. I am lucky to live in an area where there are many options!

I am doing these runs because they keep me going – a small goal with not only health benefits, but a medal at the end. And runs are SO much fun! The running community is truly amazing. Everyone supports each other. I run for fun – not time. I am not fast, but I get it done and have a great time doing it!

I am really looking forward to having a rack full of medals at the end of this year – and making tons of memories doing it!

What goals have you set for 2017? And how can I help you achieve them?

PS – If anyone wants to join me for the virtual runs, or one of the live fun runs I am doing, feel free to reach out! I would love to have lots of people to share this with!




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