Finding the Time. 

One of my biggest excuses had always been that I didn’t have time to work out. I was WAY too busy. 

I mean, really… I am a mother to two young girls, I work full time days, my husband works full time nights. We see each other for about 15 minutes total per day Monday through Thursday, crossing paths for a quick “Hello/Goodbye” as one of us gets home from work, and the other goes into work.
I work on a busy, stressful and demanding office. What I do can be mentally exhausting, but is not physical at all. I sit at a desk all day long. 

The other problem is the I really  (and I mean really) love to sleep. Like, I could probably sleep for 12 hours every night. So, convincing myself to get up early or stay up late to exercise was a losing battle. 

I had gotten into the habit of coming home from work as my husband was leaving, making dinner for myself and the girls, putting them to bed, and going to bed myself shortly after. I was literally getting no exercise. 

A huge part of the pre weight loss surgery classes is figuring out how physical exercise would become part of every day life. I committed to exercising when I got the surgery, and I wasn’t going to let myself down. 

So, I joined a gym. I would get up at 5:15 so that I was ready to run out the door when my husband got home at 5:30, and go work out for an hour before heading to work. 

The first few months were hard as hell. I was more tired than I have ever been in my whole life. 3 days a week I would go on the stepper or the he elliptical for 45 minutes before walking it out on the treadmill for 15. The other two days, I would do a weight circuit with different beginner level machines. Then, one day without notice – it happened. I had energy! I started looking forward to the early mornings at the gym. Yes, part of it was that I could watch one full hour of TV without being interrupted and nobody calling me mom while I was on the elliptical, or read a book for an hour on the bike without having to change a diaper for make someone a snack. I had found a way to have ME time, and at the same time, get some exercise. 
This worked great for January through September . However,  once October 1st hits, busy season starts for both my husband and me. This means that I can’t go to the gym in the morning as there isn’t enough time – he has to work an extra hour or two every morning. I was training for a half marathon in February… how was I supposed to to workout without being able to get to the gym?

And that is when I started running on lunch at work. Yes, through the winter. In 20 degree weather. I ran 3 to 5 mile runs three days a week at work, and then would do a long run on the weekends, usually 8 to 12 miles. 

Let me tell you something. I made time. Wherever I could. And it worked! I learned to love running from running outside. Forget the treadmill. For me, the hours that I have spent running outside are what made me a runner. 10 degrees out or 80 degrees out, I would RUN. 

Then, this REALLY cool thing happened. My husband and daughters decided they wanted to run with me. All of a sudden, we were getting up early on Saturdays to go for a family run, instead of sleeping in or going to the diner for breakfast. We would go for hikes on Sundays! My family fell in love with running right along with me.

I don’t even have to make time anymore. Running, and exercise in general, are just a part of my every day. If it is raining out, or too dark to take the girls on a weekend, we will go on YouTube and find some fun kids Zumba videos and dance the night away. Sometimes, we go to the park and spend hours playing soccer, or red light green light, or tag! These are all things I was never able to do. I even out ran my 7 year old one day, and that kid has endless energy. 😉

My point is, make time. Make exercise a part of your every day, however that works for you. Get up early. Stay up late. Utilize a lunch break. Even start by just taking the stairs instead of an elevator. Start small, and before you know it, you will be doing great things. Who knows… maybe you could even join me in a half marathon some day!
Today’s lunch workout selfie :


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